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Nochikuppam Slum Chennai “The city of flyovers” has Nochikuppam slum with 1,300 huts where around 5 thousand people live below poverty level and they don’t have enough money for two meals a day.

Basanti Slum Kolkata The City of Joy” Kolkata has slum area known as Basanti slum, it is one of the major slum areas in kolkata.

Satnami Nagar Slum Bhopal “The City of Lakes” Bhopal has many slums area, Satnami Nagar is one of the oldest slums in Bhopal.

Ruhal Nagar and Shanti Nagar are first two slums area in bhopal to be declared open-defecation.

It is estimated that about 20% of Bangalore population reside in slums.

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