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The word "leet" is also simply used as an adjective to describe formidable prowess or accomplishment, especially in the fields of online gaming and in its original usage for computer hacking.

where having "elite" status on a BBS allowed a user access to file folders, games, and special chat rooms.

In particular, speakers of leet are fond of verbing nouns, turning verbs into nouns (and back again) as forms of emphasis, e.g. In essence, all of these mean "Austin rocks," not necessarily the other options.

Added words and misspellings add to the speaker's enjoyment.

Some consider emoticons and ASCII art, like smiley faces, to be leet, while others maintain that leet consists of only symbolic word encryption.

More obscure forms of leet, involving the use of symbol combinations and almost no letters or numbers, continue to be used for its original purpose of encrypted communication. Variants of leet have been used for censorship purposes for many years; for instance "@$$" (ass) and "$#!

Leet, like hacker slang, employs analogy in construction of new words.