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There were values I was more likely to find in a nice, midwestern girl than one who was living on the coast, pursuing fame.

I was getting serious about my career, and she wanted to shoot movies and just party in her time off. ELLE: You later said you were done dating actresses. CD: I realized I'd have more in common with a regular person than with a celebrity.

"Treat them like a lady." "Always open the car door." But really, the way she's conducted her life has been the best example: coming to the entertainment industry from small-town North Carolina, having two kids, and losing her husband and mother in a short time.

Then to marry this woman with two kids who lost their dad? ELLE: You met your girlfriend when she was a writer's assistant on your show Last Call.

and a DJ for the Southern California-based radio station 106.7 KROQ-FM.

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