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MTV is busy putting together plenty of original content in the wake of the cancellation of Buckwild.

The newest project the network has picked up should be cheap to produce and at least a little familiar for viewers.

Honestly, ever since MTV found success with Singled Out, the network has gone through a slew of dating-based programming, including Next, Room Raiders, Dismissed, and Date My Mom.

I have no idea how The Hook-Up will manage to differentiate itself from some of the network’s past fodder, or if it will be the same old competition-based dating program.

Joey told him, "I know you’ve turned girls gay, but I don’t know about turning ’em back." And the "who’s the man" question came up at around the mark, in case you were wondering. If BUCKWILD isn’t typically your cup of gravy, then skip ahead to about the mark to get to the introduction of the Sevgi storyline.

follows a group of nine young friends living in West Virginia who find unique and creative ways to have fun.

It was later reported that the cause of death was accidental carbon monoxide poisoning."Swamp People" star Mitchell Guist, right, died in Louisiana in May 2012.