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But then I realized, duh, the kid spends a million hours watching Minecraft You Tube videos.

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Kids aren’t going to accidentally come across this mod without someone having installed it — either in their own game or on a multiplayer server that they’re playing on.

You can encounter You Tube videos of people playing with sex mods installed, I think that’s a large part of where parents are freaking out.

Mods are bits of unofficial modified game code that users can create that add items to the game or change the things that a player can do.

They are then made available for anyone to download in user forums and gamer websites.

The popular parenting blog Scary Mommy tackled the topic on 24 October 2016, also presenting information largely unrelated to the functions of Minecraft: After I dropped my kids off at school, I took a deep breath and googled “minecraft sex mods.” And fuck. I could only bring myself to watch a few of the videos.