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We are looking for RPCVs or PCVs who are interested to share their stories of sexual assault or rape (anonymously or by name) to add to our campaign to help Peace Corps in creating survivor-centered response. People who want to share their stories can email [email protected] (1) name (2) story (3) RPCV or PCV (4) country or general region, i.e. Believe me, I personally know how difficult it can be to share a story like this, but to prove to Peace Corps that this issue goes beyond my isolated story, we need to band together!

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All that being said, I’ve decided to leave this blog up, because I continue to have visitors here daily researching info about the PC.

I also receive emails and comments from potential volunteers, thanking me for the info contained in this blog.

You can read that piece here: Williams was supportive of what we’re trying to do and he has instructed two top offices to follow-up with me. I am also excited to share that several new members have been added to the First Response Action Coaltion – Karen Moldovan, Katie Campbell and Meg Long.

They are all also RPCVs who are passionate about making change to the way Peace Corps addresses sexual assault and rape in-country and at home.

My time serving as a PCV was a wonderful experience.