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I've noted the trend is hard towards the IPV6 and it's getting hard to find your IPV4 address sometimes.Is there anyway to make it work with both..even switch this solution to all IPV6?Below we'll show you, how to get to your .htaccess file, and what edits to make, to limit Word Press admin logins.

The only thing I've found that stops them is this script I found on another site: # Block access to wp-admin.order deny,allowallow from from all Unfortunately, it completely disables my website - not just the login page. Also, keep in mind this rule will block access, but the hack Obviously, replacing the with my IP address. I tested to make sure it was block other IP address by changing it to an IP that is not mine. Me and a friend keep getting locked out all the time and we cant make this site. This is getting beyond a joke and we would like to make our site Hello Patric, This works for most people.

I've left that in the .htaccess file for now until I can find a solution. If you are still having issues, you may want to contact Live Support so that they can help you with anything else that may be specific to your account. In its simplest form, I have two file servers connected to the same DB server. Both FS1 and FS2 are mirrors to each other except their .htaccess files.

I have a htaccess file with just MY ip and IMH ip in there which is located on my ROOT dir, which SHOULD protect my whole site and sub domain... I created a new user with user/pass for another person who is helping with the subdomain design.

THEIR ip is NOT in the htaccess file but they are still able to log into the subdomain's WPress admin, when I thought the htaccess would prevent them from doing that UNTIL I added their ip to my htaccess.

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