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Many excuses were made and you could have walked across Moreton Bay for all the broken-down fishing boats but the best one of all was a woman whose excuse was that she was having group sex with 30 men in hippie-haven Nimbin, NSW, and could not get to a polling booth in Queensland on time to vote.

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Most people think that in a democratic country like Australia in the 21st century citizen's rights are protected and your local government is there to ensure prosperity for its constituents.

Not so in the Daintree area, after the 2004 Douglas Shire Council elections all hell broke loose when Mike Berwick set off the timebomb he had been secretly preparing that imposed an immediate ban on all new building and development approvals, until his radical townplan would come in to force that stopped people from building on their freehold land in many areas, and placed severe restrictions on others.

After the february 7 elections in Queensland electoral commissioner Bob Longland said that many letters had been sent out informing people they had to pay a fine unless they had a good excuse.

The ECQ collects more than $1 million from non-voters at each election.

Read more about this nonsense of pollution in the Daintree.