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But I don’t think so, because I feel so good with him. Once we were returning from the restaurant in a taxi, and he made me fondling him. We had enough time, and our husbands didn’t get tired. I allowed my husband to do things that some wives would never do. But if he doesn’t agree to meet with our new friends I’ll call them and explain everything to Janet.

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Billy was standing by me, having only pants on, and looking at me smiling. I don’t care if anyone thinks that we were perverted. Yes, I do have a husband, and I love him, but any normal woman will take a chance to know another man, whom she likes.

I was very shy, but my husband looked at me strictly, demanding to take off everything. Billy offered me to undress all the way, and I didn’t argue.

We began reading and found one ad, where a couple was looking for other couples. They told us that it was their first experience, but I don’t think it’s true. Janet offered to take the clothes off, so we would get used to each other. After pregnancy my vagina stretched a little, and with Billy I felt myself so good!