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"Wonka was previously played in screen adaptations of Dahl's book by Gene Wilder and, later, Johnny Depp.

Christian Borle is one of the most talented and compelling musical theater performers of his generation.

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The song, "That's on e Bay" was a parody of the standard "That's Amore".

Also in 2003, he replaced Gavin Creel in the role of Jimmy in Thoroughly Modern Millie.

as William Shakespeare, Borle also starred as Tom Levitt on the NBC musical-drama series Smash.

Borle was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the son of Andre Bernard Borle (1930-2011), His love for Star Wars and drawing made him want to become a comic book artist when he grew up, but it was only when a friend convinced him to audition for a school play in his sophomore year that he began to develop an interest in acting.

Borle appeared in a 2003 advertisement for California-based online auction company, e Bay.