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Plato distinguished true love from , arguing that love is defined by a desire for ideal beauty – a desire that can never be satisfied in physical form.

Ultimately, the highest purpose of love is to become a philosopher, a lover of wisdom.

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Badiou argues that love opens parties to a different experience of truth, namely, the truth of a world experienced in ‘our’ terms, ‘from the point of view of two rather than one’.

While this theory may be difficult to verify (a problem that besets most philosophical points of view), I’d wager that it resonates with most people’s experience of love.

It also lends itself to extrapolation in areas of life beyond the realms of romance.

Quality collaborations are infused with an element of love, as Badiou understands it.

Generally, when people are really smitten with one another, they don’t tend to question the common perspective.