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That furnished power for a 5 horsepower electric motor installed in the motor car.

The engine, or motor car hauled one coach which had a seating capacity for about 20 passengers." "The engine and coach alike were built on the bicycle principle, running on one rail with the trolley wire beneath it.

Note the strings of lights draped across the main path.

In 1924 he would become president of the Buffalo & Crystal Beach Corporation which would purchase the park in March of '24.

By the 1940s he also came to operate a miniature golf course and other devices in the park.

Crystal Beach began as a Chautauqua show area, or religious campground in 1888, much the same as Grimsby Park had several decades earlier.

Crystal Beach was about 60 kilometres southeast of Grimsby, and for the campground at Crystal an auditorium, tents, and picnic grounds were provided.

The photo was taken from an altered angle, but the same buildings are visible.