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This article was adapted by the author from the design chapter of , Sybex 1994, by Ken Getz, Paul Litwin and Greg Reddick, and is reproduced here with permission.

Don't let the fact that the examples were done for Access 2 fool you.

Many others attempt to learn it, but give up because of the dry, academic treatment it is usually given by most authors and teachers. The model is based on branches of mathematics called set theory and predicate logic.

But if creating databases is part of your job, then you're treading on thin ice if you don't have a good solid understanding of relational database design theory. The basic idea behind the relational model is that a database consists of a series of unordered tables (or relations) that can be manipulated using non-procedural operations that return tables.

Although this is a convenient way to think of the term, it's not accurate.