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The setting is a lovely ocean view with two exercisers and the instructor Jaime Brenkus.

Jaime Brenkus has a friendly, approach with just the right touch of enthusiasm.

Who wants to have to get all dressed up and fancy for every single date?

He leads you through 8 minutes of exercises designed to work different parts of your abdominal muscles. A timer at the bottom of the screen tracks your progress till you have completed the full 8 minutes.

Each set of movements like oblique twists and reverse curls are 45 seconds long.

You’ll definitely learn the art of a quality, juicy steak, because your Nebraskan lover will enjoy showing off their steak grilling skills. When you spend time together on the road the hours will just fly by.

Just you, your sweetie and some great tunes are all you need for a road trip of epic proportions. It doesn’t matter where your sweetie lives in the state of Nebraska, they will look forward to making the trek to the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island all year long.

He might have been joking, but I hope not, because that's a beautiful story. To be continued, Hi Music lovers, As I wrote it below last time, thes song 'Stairway' AND 'American Pie' were written by the same idea happening in 1970. There must be some hints in the lyrics oft the song 'Stairway'. How about the first three lines above from the beginning of the song that saying 'There's a lady who sure All the glitters is gold and she's buying a stairway to heaven'. Hi Music Lovers, I think that the idea of the lyrics of the song came from the same idea of being written as the lyrics of the song called 'American Pie' in 1971 by Don Mc Lean.