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Then stop acting like I kicked you in the balls and get over it.” He just rolled his eyes at me. I’m shocked it’s not coming out of your ears.” That might have been true, but my shit was still true, too. I turned to face him and his expression was almost unreadable. I had hated myself for being so sharp with her that night since it wasn’t her fault that I was a raging loon. He didn’t want to ‘outwear his welcome’ as he’d put it. We can even Skype now if you’d like.” “You got a web cam? You know you always feel better after you’ve been here for a few weeks.” “True. After that I’m pretty much done with it until we have to promote, assuming we get picked up of course.” “Of course. And Maria misses you.” Maria had been our housekeeper since we’d moved to France. “Sookie, how do you feel about the acting thing again now that you’ve dipped your toes in the waters after so long? “I missed it,” I admitted, “But I want this to be fun. I mean, it’s disgustingly hard work at times, but I want fun and joy to be my motivation.” “What, not money or reputation? You’re replaceable, but once you have a job just work hard at it.” I nodded. Most people only suspect; they can’t really tell.” “Please! It’s my fault that you fear commitment.” “Daddy, no, it’s not your fault. Point is, I’m fine just how I am and that’s because of you. So family comes in all shapes and sizes, and it’s not something I’m worried about right now.” “Okay, okay I’ll give up for now. “I’m just not used to girls you know…” “Eating solid foods? Though knowing my luck, I’d probably have to listen to every detail of their sex lives, too. Everyone ordered and the four of us made chit chat before we tucked into our food. We’re actors, it’s what we do, everyday.” “In a role, sure. It’s mentally exhausting.” “Well, maybe for the mentallyit is, but I’m fine, thank you very much.” He just smirked and nodded. Hoyt and Jessica were busy making plans for their date that night. I mean, you never know when you might need to knock on their door—” “I’m sorry, Eric said to him again.

Jessica asked if it was cool with me if Eric and she switched seats, so that she and Hoyt could be together on the flight. Since production was wrapped, I’d booked them both a spa weekend in Napa just like everyone else. I felt bad for him, but he had assured me that it had been time. It seems America is destined to steal our daughters.” Amelia was now a full-fledged lawyer working out of Boston, and the winner in our current poke war on Facebook. I mean, I don’t want a reputation as a shitty actress or anything, but realistically as long as I do my best and strive to be better, what they think of me… It would be the same if you were the key grip or the janitor. Okay, Alcide and I we were just growing apart for a long time and neither of us wanted to be the one to break it off… I knew he wanted to marry me but dad, you know me, I don’t know if marriage is something I’m built for.” I heard him sigh before he began, “I should have provided you with better examples of relationships growing up. ” “Yes, dad I’m sure there are many studies on how parents ultimately screw up their kids, and then their kids screw up their kids, and it’s the circle of blah, blah, blah. If he called me fat or big boned, I didn’t care if there were paparazzi somewhere around—though I couldn’t see them from where we were—I would kick his ass. I think it’s great that you actually eat and stay so hot.” I’d be ignoring the hot comment in favor of still hating him. If she was preoccupied with sex then maybe we could move on. I really just didn’t want to talk about that—not now and possibly not ever. “I mean, with us, it was dismissed and forgotten about in a heartbeat, and apparently with Alcide, too.” “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said sipping my drink. You compartmentalize—a lot, from the looks of things.” “You’re kidding right? Whatever it was about it, when I was around him I had this urge to do physical harm to things, mostly him and his stupid pretty face and his stupid attractive torso. ” she offered to Eric and I, and we looked at each other before we both answered with a hearty, “No.” “Oh hey guys, I mean, I know you two are all like mad at each other and radiating sexual tension an’ all,” Hoyt began, “But you really should try and get over your issues…” “Why? “Well, I don’t know about you Eric but I really like to be civil and pleasant with my next door neighbors. Few days break this time, work took over and wore me out, but here we have nine! Once we got inside, I stood there with my hands on my hips.

SPOV: I remember standing in the elevator beside him, an older woman stood in front of us, though we barely noticed her. After splashing a little water on my face and tying back my hair, I walked out of the bathroom to be attacked by Jessica in the form of a hug. As you can see I’m fine so I’d appreciate it you and Hoyt would just…” I sighed. Eric hadn’t commented, and shockingly neither had Sandy. ” “Oh, there’s just these rumors…” “And you believe everything you hear, sweetie? No sense in having angry stalkers when you could have nice ones,” I rationalized, while blowing a hefty chunk of change on beauty products before treating Jessica to a few things she’s never tried before. Hoyt went straight for Jessica after a quick ‘hey.’ Eric on the other hand pulled up a chair next to me. She and I would have to have a few words about telling me these things.

We were both practically humming with nervous anticipation, or maybe that was just my alcohol filled brain dying from the inside out? All I knew was once the lady stepped out to her floor, Eric pinned me up against the elevator wall, his hands in my hair, his mouth on my mouth while I was merely on the receiving end of one very toe curling kiss. Pushing him off me slightly so I could at least look him in the eye, he looked confused, horny and hurt, all at once. ” We—” I was just about to speak when there was a heavy knock on his door. That didn’t stop them from waiting for me to say something and everyday Jess would come over, they’d be there. I mean, you’re both following me and I don’t know who you are, so gimme a name and I might give you an answer,” I said. ” he asked, and I fought the urge to roll my eyes underneath my sunglasses. ” I pulled out the sweetie card, and I couldn’t even believe my own ears. Keep not believing, because most of what you hear, especially in this town, is total B. ” “Two dudes we don’t know are following us with video cameras, what do you think? “I know, but it wasn’t like this for you before, right? I was a little kid then, and besides the whole paparazzi-celebrity obsession thing didn’t blow up till the early 2000s anyways. I got a call while we were seated at a café on Wilshire. At first, I was hesitant to even answer it, but I didn’t want to be rude completely considering I did have to see him again, and there was no use in continuing the plane ride from hell.

I was free to be myself and kiss him as much as I wanted. It was safe to say he was right about that whole chemistry thing since it was shaping up to be even more explosive behind closed doors. should stop.” “Horrible idea, just horrible,” he smiled into my neck.