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However, an agent can use pictures for different goals (Mitchell, Nyíri) and more specifically, pictures can have a normative sense (Lorini).

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Many political leaders and CEOs of multinational corporations have → Architecture as Ideology: the perspectives of critical theory (Benjamin and Adorno). Kaplan visited Center for Advanced Studies – South East Europe on April 21, 2017 and gave a talk about how technology is making geography and geopolitics smaller, more anxious and claustrophobic, so that all of Eurasia is coming together as a single conflict system, even while Europe divides from within.

An attempt “The ideological attunement of architecture will be the key focus of the lecture, where the work of two promi-nent philosophers of critical theory on the topic of architecture, namely Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Precisely because globalization leads to integration, → Mapping of spatial memory in limitrophe cities: border-landscapes and border-bodies “My project draws on limitrophe cities and interzones within border-zones landscapes and deserted places where abandon, detachment, twisted memory and emotional representation shape the place as liminal and as ontologically uncertain.

Following a fruitful exchange → Targeted Killing with Drones? The course will last until the end of the winter semester with guidance of current CAS → The Center for Advanced Studies – Southeast Europe (CAS SEE) is pleased to announce the recipients of the Autumn 2017 CAS SEE Fellowship Awards at the University of Rijeka. For Aristotle the → As hundreds of representatives of civil society from Western Balkan countries assembled in Trieste for the Civil Society Forum, CAS co-organized a kick-off event which included the screening of the documentary “Trieste, Yugoslavia” and a lively debate themed “Back to the future – Livable life between nostalgia and utopia”.

Old Arguments, New Technologies Public Lecture by Tamar Meisels (Tel Aviv University) Tamar Meisels is a professor of Political Theory in the department of Political Science at Tel Aviv University. The purpose of the CAS SEE Fellowship Programme is to further the research and creative work in the fields of the humanities and humanistic social sciences in → CAS SEE fellows have published or are about to publish an impressive list of publications in the period between 20: Benli, A. (2016) Implementing global taxes on natural resources: A social choice approach. Introduced by Franz Karl Prueller of the ERSTE Foundation → Sites of memory and the criminalization of authoritarian pasts: Interrogating Goli Otok in a regional and transnational frame.

This → Fashion Week is the seasonal showcase of Sweet&Salt flagship, which is part of the Rijeka – European Capital of Culture 2020 project, presenting the themes, concepts, works, plans and cooperative developments connected to the understanding and designing the future city through the context of Rijeka and the S&S territory.