18 yr old dating 16 yr old bizzdating com

Its been a battle for every inch, because its almost like shes trying to become a smoker just like me, which I cant stand.I can only imagine how hard thatd be with a 13 year old, probably makes a parent just want to give up.cant say i completely agree with that thinking, but i can say that i do understand it.

The girls father is not in the picture at all, and I dont think he has any custody or even sees the girl.

Although I am getting more serious about my relationship with her mother, I still have no illusions about being a genuine father figure as Ive never had any children of my own; but I really am willing to be a participatory and supportive step parent should I be lucky enough for our relationship to get that far.

also just because she lets her teenage daughter smoke dont mean shes a bad mom.

its good you can see the rest of her qualities, so try not to get too hung up on it.

im pretty sure i got like a carton of cigarettes for christmas when i was 12.