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If any of those five processes ring even the faintest of bells, you need to consider how seriously you’re treating online dating, even if it is just for a quick fling in the Premier Inn at Longford Island on the A5 (great bar there, too).

Married people do it to relieve the tension/boredom in their post-honeymoon relationships; as many women as men at least, believe it or not?

There are high-flying executives, scared that if they meet someone they’ll only be after their money.

In online dating terms, if you’re looking for a casual relationship, it means you want to meet up for one thing and one thing only.

No strings (hopefully, could get messy), not necessarily mobile numbers exchanged and definitely no expectation of having to sneak out the morning after because you think it’s a mistake. And we can speak like adults, here – no need to be coy about the taboo.

Less than ten and there are concerns about the levels of expertise the partner has had chance to glean from their exploratory ventures into sexual fantasy to date.